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Dolls never go out of fashion, they are perfect for boys and girls, and many adults keep them since childhood.

Rag Dolls

The first thing that you should be clear about is the appearance you want your doll to have, or even if you want it to have a doll or animal shape.

You can choose any fabric, even with the simplest you can be very good. Any color is worth it but keep in mind that the one you choose will determine the color of the skin of the doll.

Russian Dolls

They do not fit one inside another, like the originals, but they are just as decorative. They are easily made with papier mâché and the final effect will be given by the way you decorate them.

Form the base. Cut the top of a paper cup, about one centimeter below the edge, and tape it to the larger end of the balloon. This ring will serve as the basis for the figure.

Dolls made of cloth

Do you like to do with my hands? Do you want to surprise someone with an unusual gift? Is it necessary to protect your home from lessons and envy? We offer affordable adaptation of technology to several types of textile dolls. It’s easy to do, but it’s something unusual in their significance, they will decorate any interior and become the favorite toy baby.

Dolls of Cloth

The top end of the bend and sew by skipping inside the fold a lace or ribbon. Leave the long edges for tying. Fill the herbal teas bag. The body is immersed in a crockery sack, stretched ropes, hiding the edges. With a bright cloth to reduce the apron apron and attach it. Playing dolls talisman lies in the fact that it remains with a white face. According to popular belief, this is done in order to transfer a non-woven puppet to the owner whose evil thoughts. To make these dolls, it is desirable not to use needles, scissors, glue and knife. Threads and ribbons have ended with their fingers. If any detail you want to reduce, it needs to be done long before you, it will apply it to the doll.









Rag Dolls

Cut the two pieces of cloth to make a second layer, so they are exactly the same. Keep the pattern on the fabric, it will be easier to do so. Hold the fabric with pins and sew most of the outline, leaving an opening to enter the filling. Fold the edges of the opening inward and sew to close them. If possible, machine sew this last since it will be much better. If not, it also looks good by hand. Once the wrist is closed, it is time to make your arms and legs. When you have it, you must sew them to the wrist. Add your facial features, for example with buttons to form your eyes and nose. The hair of the rag dolls can be made with thread or rope, the color you want the hair to have. Cut the threads with twice the length you want, fold and go sewing on the head.

Russian Dolls

Cover the paper figure. Mix three parts of cola with one of water in a container. Apply this mixture on a part of the globe and add strips of newspaper on it. Continue in this way until covering half the surface of the globe. Place it on a paper cup until it dries (at least overnight) and continue with the other half.

Sand and apply the base. When the figure is dry, sand the surface to have a smooth and even finish. Then, give a coat of white base coat paint.

Decorate it. You have many options: paint it freehand, add stickers, use the decoupage technique (with paper napkins). Inspire yourself in the original matryoshkas.

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